Monday, September 30, 2013

Teddy's Last Hurrah

We had a busy weekend at Life of Drool. Between taking care of Lennon and trying to get our usual weekend chores finished, we also took Teddy to his new home in Nebraska. That’s right…Teddy is adopted!! His new family is wonderful and along with his new mom and dad, he is also going to have two dog sisters and a human brother and sister. Teddy won the family jackpot!

Before Teddy left, the Drool Crew thought it would be fun to have one final hurrah by playing a practical joke on Mommy and Daddy. It went like this:
It’s 10:00 pm and dark outside. The front door is open, but the glass storm door is shut and latched. Mom is on the living room couch. Dad is downstairs getting Lennon to take him outside (hence the open front door).
Ringo: Hey guys! Did you notice that Mom and Dad left the front door open?

Layla: Perfect! Now we can watch for squirrels.

Harry: I think I’m just going to press my face against the glass and make drool art.

Teddy: What are you guys doing?!? Can I play?? What are we looking for?

Ringo: Calm down Teddy. We are just watching for cute girl dogs to go by.

Layla: Not me! I’m watching for squirrels. You guys may not take the threat of squirrel invasion very seriously, but it is a real possibility that we should all be prepared for.

Harry: Sheesh Teddy! Move over! You are smearing my “artwork.”

Teddy: Wouldn’t it be fun if we could get out and run around the neighborhood? He he he…so fun!

Ringo: Bad idea.

Layla: Terrible idea. You might scare the squirrels.

Harry: Mom would die. She worries about us and doesn’t want us to ever be out of her sight. This is why I stay inside and make Drool Picasso’s. It is my expression of love.

Teddy: You guys are boring. Everyone needs a little excitement in their lives…even Mom and Dad.  

Ringo: It’s not exciting to see Mom upset. It is scary.

Layla: Ditto.

Harry: Double ditto!

Teddy: How scary could it be? Mom is nice! I think I’m going to try…it will make her laugh. He he he!

Ringo: Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Layla: You are dumb. 
Just then, a nice woman with two shih tzus walks by… 

Ringo: Look alive boys. Here come two cute ladies. How does my fur look?

Teddy: This is our chance Ringo! We should run out and introduce ourselves to them!

Harry: I want nothing to do with this.

Teddy: Ok…here goes nothing. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 
The storm door slams behind him. Mom leaps from the couch, screams for Dad, and runs outside. 

Mom: Teddy?!?! Teddy?!?!

Dad: *Expletive* Where did he go?

Nice woman: He’s right over here…playing with Tinker and Belle!

Mom: Oh gosh, I am so so sorry. I hope he didn’t scare you.

Nice woman: Of course not! He is adorable!

Dad: Well, please excuse us, this has never happened before and it won’t happen again.

Nice woman: No worries. Have a nice evening. 

Dad picks up Teddy and starts the walk back home. Meanwhile in the house… 

Layla: Oh lord…he actually did it. I am going to hide in my kennel. Hurry boys! They’re coming back!

Harry: Wait for me!! I’m going with you!

Ringo: I’m going to hide behind the counter. They will never find me there.

Mom: That’s it guys. You have lost front door privileges!!! You cannot just barrel out the door and run down the street. You nearly gave me a heart attack. Now get upstairs and think about what you have done!!

Teddy: (saunters past Harry and Layla) So totally worth it! Those girls were awesome.  He he he!!

Teddy and Harry (before front door privelges were revoked)


  1. Hahaha! Hilarious! I love Teddy so much, he will be so happy in his forever home. I hope he remembers me. :(

  2. Haha, this is hilarious, I agree! Duke got out once - he busted through the screen door & took off flying down the street. Scared me half to death! Luckily, he turned around and flew right back up the street and through the broken screen door right back into the house. Since then we have a firm doors-closed-and-locked policy! -- Jess & Duke @ Life with Duke

    1. Haha wait, so Duke just ran around the neighborhood then right back in the door? That's hilarious!

  3. Made us LAUGH! Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    1. I really honestly think that Sugar is the most gorgeous Golden I've ever seen in my life. No exaggeration.

  4. I can hear each one of those goons saying those exact things! They are so goofy and sweet. I hope their privileges aren't revoked for very long :/ kisses to all 5 of them

  5. Are we going to hear more from Teddy's forever home?

  6. I think Teddy wanted to give you one last story to remember him by! Good for him going to a brand new home....though since I just read your other post first, I know how difficult it was for you. The rest of your gang is so cute....I hope that helps you through missing Teddy.