Ringo's Profile

Getting to know Ringo!

What traditional gender roles do you disagree with? I don't disagree with much. I just go with the flow.

What was the first professional sporting event you went to? Is grooming a Newfoundland a professional sport? If not, it should be!

What scares you? Slippery floors. I have furry feet and moving too quickly on the wood floors is death defying.

Who taught you to swim? I am a water rescue dog...it's in my genes. It would be pretty pointless if I couldn't swim.

What is something you have always wanted to try? I'd like to try shaving all of my fur so I don't have to get groomed anymore.

If you had to move what city would you like to live in? Anywhere without summer. I sport a wool sweater 365 days a year.

If you could hire out one household chore what would it be? I don't do any chores. Chores are for "busy" dogs.

Is there a sport you love to play but hate to watch? I don't play sports (also an activity for busy dogs).

What music are you embarrassed that you like listening to? I used to like Miley Cyrus...before I saw her dance.

What place would you like to visit? Antarctica

Who was your first love? At my old home, there was a cute neighbor poodle named Jillian. I always imagined having beautiful Newfiedoodles with her.

What is the last thing in your life that went according to plan? Nothing goes according to my plan. If it did, I would live at the north pole in a house full of carpet.

Why do they still make black jellybeans? What's wrong with being black?

What is your favorite quote? "When someone says 'How-do-you do,' just say you didn't" -Eeyore

What is your favorite Disney Movie? The Shaggy Dog

If you were to write a novel what would it be about? How to get out of doing anything you don't want to do

If you could have lunch with anyone living who would it be? I'll eat with anyone as long as the food is delivered to my rug in the kitchen.

What was the last peaceful day you had? Life before I moved here with these energetic pit bulls was much more peaceful.

What do you hate the sound of? The vacuum. Definitely the vacuum.

If you could see any deceased musician perform who would you chose? Those Rat Packers seemed pretty cool. I bet they would have loved a big furry sidekick.

How has the internet affected your life? It has absolutely no bearing on my happiness.

If you could add a 32nd flavor of ice cream what would it be? Ice cream?!? Yum yum yum yum yum! *DROOL*

What is something most people do not know about you? My nickname is "Pringles." Mom calls me that when I'm being lazy. They may as well just rename me that...

If you could live at any time in history when would it be? I think I belong in the time when Wooly Mammoths were trending.

What junk food is your weakness? Marshmallows and bacon


  1. You love salami!! Not that I would know that. . .

  2. This makes me smile! It reminds me of the time you described him as a "furry ottoman"

  3. I absolutely love this!!!! What fun to hear Ringo's answers.

  4. So clever! I wonder if my dogs would do an interview - probably not. They're "busy." I want to give Ringo a big hug.