Sunday, September 8, 2013


Layla, Ringo, and Harrison
Hi all! Welcome to Life of Drool, my blog about owning pets (or being owned by them), rescuing dogs, and the day to day struggle/entertainment/love that I receive from these crazy fur creatures.
I am an avid proponent of animal rescue. My husband and I have volunteered with a local pit bull rescue for 3 ½ years now, and in that time we have accrued 3 dogs of our own and have had a revolving door of foster dogs coming in and out of our home. We also have a cat...the queen of the household and torturess of all things canine.
More about the drool crew later…
As for me, I have a full time job as a physician. Although being a physician can be a rewarding career, the medical profession does not provide much in the way of a creative outlet.  So, I have decided to combine my love for animals and animal rescue with my underutilized creative writing skills.
My hope is that the followers of this blog will find the daily antics of my crew heartwarming, entertaining, and informative.


  1. I can't wait for more! You are awesome!

  2. Adorable blog! Makes me miss sweet Ellie. I know she is so proud of you and all you have done (and will do) to rescue this remarkable breed. Looking forward to reading about the kids' daily antics ;)