Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Nice Autumn Stroll

We had the most beautiful weather yesterday. Our daytime high had dropped 30 degrees from just a few days before. The evening was cool and crisp, with a slight overcast. It felt like fall, and man. . .do I love fall.

Fall is the best season. I am always re-energized by the first signs of its wonderful weather, and yesterday was no different. I rushed home from work excited to spend some much needed time with the drool crew. My husband and I decided on a nice Autumn stroll with our crew.  With the terrible summer heat, walks have been on the back burner for awhile now, so we were excited to finally get back into the swing of things.

Our anticipation was easily surpassed by the dogs’ excitement. Upon announcing our upcoming walk, the house became complete chaos. Harry, Layla, and Ringo know what “walk” means and the mention of the word sent the three of them into a panting, drooling, dancing, mania. Teddy does not yet comprehend the word so he trotted around the house…looking for the source of his siblings’ excitement.

After fifteen minutes of wrestling with leashes we went off up the street. It didn’t take long for my husband and I to realize that this was going to be a challenge. The dogs were going every direction but forward and we looked like walking Maypoles. (Please. . .no one tell Cesar!)

As we walked, I found myself wondering what was going on in everyone’s head. I imagine it went something like this:

Harrison: Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Walk time! Best day ever!
Layla: Must be in front of the boys. Have to stay in front. Hurry up Mom!
Ringo: I wonder what this bush smells like
Teddy: Where are we going? Are we going to the park? Can we go to the…Hey! What is Ringo smelling?!?
Layla: Have to stay in front. Don’t want to look at their butts. Butts are gross.
Ringo: I wonder what this lamp post smells like
Harrison: Where are all the people? When we walk, people admire me. Where are all the people?
Mommy: Please don’t poop. Please don’t poop. Please don’t poop.
Teddy: Why is Layla in such a hurry? Maybe there is something cool up front…
Layla: Back off Teddy. I’m in front. Why won’t Mom hand me to Dad? I need to be in front.
Harrison: Ooh! There’s a gas station…time to pull out my show dog prance. Dang! Nobody’s here…must find people!!
Ringo: I wonder what this bus stop smells like. Eew…that’s definitely not canine.
Teddy: Oh! Ringo smelled the bus stop. I must smell the bus stop. Eew…that’s definitely not canine.
Layla: Pick up the pace boys…I’m smoking you guys. Why don’t you focus on the task at hand?
Daddy: I wish I was home watching football.
Mommy: Please don’t poop. Please don’t poop. Please don’t poop.
Ringo: Ooh! A flower bed! Must trample!
Layla: These boys are a bunch of clowns. I am the best walking partner ever. I deserve a major award.
Teddy: If I stop suddenly then Dad trips. He he. Stop…Go…Stop…Go. Harry was right. Walks are fun!
Daddy: I’m going to break my neck.
Harrison: All this walking and not a single person to admire my handsomeness. *sigh*
Mommy: Please don’t poop. Please don’t poop. Please don’t poop.
Layla: Eyes on the prize boys…we’re almost home.
Ringo: This well manicured lawn is the perfect place to poop.
Harrison: Well if Ringo pooped then I can poop.
Teddy: Hey! Everybody’s pooping. That sounds fun!
Mommy: Thank God I brought bags.
Daddy: Thank God we’re home.
The Drool Crew (post walk)


  1. I can hear each one of those fur balls saying that!! So entertaining, love it!!

  2. We agree about fall! Our walks are me and the girl cats out in the garden, though. Happy WW, thanks for visiting!

    1. Aww! We at Life of Drool LOVE!!! The Creative Cat! SO THANK YOU! For visiting us!