Tuesday, September 24, 2013

10 Signs That You're a Crazy Dog Person

10.) Your dog gets the prime spot on the couch
9.) You are on a 1st name basis at the local Petsmart
8.) You've gone to work with drool stains on your pants
(happens at least twice a week around here)
7.) You've ever thought to yourself: "Well, just one more dog won't hurt."
Our litter of foster babies
6.) You spend more money on dog food than you do on your own meals.

5.) Your cell phone has more pictures of your dog than of your spouse/kids/friends.

4.) Your black clothing looks as if it were actually made of fur.

3.) You can visually determine which of your dogs made that pile of poo on the floor in your kitchen.
2.) You wake up, freezing cold, with a back/neck/whole body ache after sleeping on one square foot of your mattress. But hey, the dogs have never slept better!
Source: Off the Leash

1.) You have turned down social invitations to stay home and hang out with your dog.
(Confession: I skipped a wine tasting last week to sit on the couch and watch my dogs sleep)

Source: someecards

How many of these signs are you guilty of?
8-10: Full blown crazy
5-7: On the verge
2-4: Relatively sane
0-1: Do you even have a dog?!?


  1. hmmm........let's see..... 10: we each have our own sofa cushion, but I steal Mom's everytime she get's up. However, I give it back when she asks for it. 9: Well, Of course they know me at every dog supply store around! BOL! 8: I don't drool, so that one does not apply. BOL! 7: I am an only dog, my choice - not Mom's. 6: naturally! I always eat more healthy than Mom! 5: well, duh! Mom only owns a nice camera to take photos of me! 4: Mom must either wear my fuzzies or use lots of lint roller tape! BOL! 3: no, I DO NOT poop in the kitchen! I either go outside, or use a piddy pad. 2: BOL!! Freezing cold? never! I will warm Mom's backside with my fluff! In summer, I refuse to sleep in the bed - not even when she bribes me with cookies! BOL! 1: no way, I go with Mom to any and all events! I enjoy wine tastings, Mom is likely to spill some cheese on my head. Naturally I am allowed to eat what she spills on me. BOL!

  2. Guilty of all ten. #11: making your husband drive your dogs 36 hrs round trip while you fly to the same destination....twice

  3. I can answer most of these in the affirmative about my chickens. Oh. That's sad.

  4. Before I started blogging, most people I knew thought we were crazy to have four dogs and four cats. Now we are down to three dogs and two cats, but still most people think we're nuts. I'm glad to be able to say that, yes, we are full blown crazy, but now I don't feel alone!! :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog this week.....I love your crew here!

  5. Full blown crazy here!!!!!