Monday, October 14, 2013

Life of Drool Road Trip

The Drool Crew took a road trip last week and enjoyed a few days of vacation. The four Kansas City dogs made a trip to visit their four dog siblings in Iowa. Everyone had a blast, but the humans are still exhausted. Things were pretty hectic with eight large dogs in the house!  

The dogs did a lot of playing, but they also found time to gang up and make some mischief. The humans went out for the evening and left the dogs in the care of Aunt Shannon. After listening to a long list of instructions, Shannon seemed confident and up to the challenge. 

Little did she know, the dogs had other plans. 

Shannon is in the process of making dinner. She is slicing cheese for a turkey sandwich.

Ringo: WOOF WOOF (translation: I need to go outside)
Shannon: You need to go out right now?
Ringo: WOOF! (translation: YES!)
Shannon: Ugh, okay Ringo. Let's go. 

Shannon goes to the front door to let Ringo outside. Ringo is a senior dog. He is generally allowed outside off-leash (with supervision) because he never goes anywhere. 

Ringo ambles around the front yard and does his business. He then looks back at Aunt Shannon standing on the front porch.  

Ringo: Woof! Woof! (Translation: This is as good of a time as any to introduce myself to the cute poodles up the street.) 

Ringo takes one final look at Shannon, and with a gleam in his eye he takes off sprinting, as fast as his arthritic legs can move. 

Shannon: Are you for real?   

Shannon jogs up the street after the grizzly bear.
If you want to imagine what sight the two of them made, just picture a barefoot asthmatic  holding her pants in one hand, her braless chest in the other, and a senior citizen dog that just chucked his walker. 

Lucy: Hey guys…this is our chance. 
Harrison: Our chance for what?
Lucy: We can get up on the counter and eat some turkey and cheese! If we’re quick, she won’t even know we did it.
Violet: Ooh cheese!! Yum yum yum yum!
Layla: I think she will notice the cheese is gone when she gets back...and then she will tell mom! 
Ziggy and Napoleon: Yum, cheese. 
Harrison: Hmmmm…I don’t know you guys. Aunt Shannon was planning on eating that. It might make her sad if we ate it.
Lucy: Aunt Shannon just ate a box of fruit loops, a bag of potato chips and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I think her delicate figure can spare us some food. 
Violet: Who is going to get up on the counter? I can’t do it…I’m too short. 
Lucy: Ziggy will do it!
Ziggy: Huh? Why me?
Lucy: Because you are the youngest one here and you have to do what we tell you. 
Napoleon, Harrison, and Violet: Yeah! Do it Ziggy!
Layla: I’m out of here! (Layla runs upstairs to hide) 

Ziggy hops up and rests his front legs on the counter. He grabs the brick of cheese and the bag of deli meat and tosses it to the floor. 

All dogs in unison: Nom nom nom nom nom! *Crunch, crunch, lick, slurp* 

Just then, Shannon returns with Ringo in tow.  

Shannon: What the hell?  Seriously? You guys just ate a pound of cheese? Your parents are going to never let me watch you again.

The dogs just look at her, innocently wagging their tails.
”We didn’t do anything.”



  1. Mom is crying with laughter...the description of your Aunt Shannon running seems to have tickled her hooman sense of humour. We on the other hand would like to congratulate you all on taking full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities your Aunt Shannon presented you with *HIGH FIVE PAW*
    Wally & Sammy

  2. Look at how adorable they all are! :)

  3. What a brave Aunt Shannon to watch all of the dogs! I can totally picture her running after Ringo! But the picture of all of them is pretty cute! As usual, your stories have us laughing out loud, I can always count on them to make my day a little brighter!

  4. Too funny! Poor Aunt Shannon....will she ever volunteer for that gig again? I love the last photo. My old beagle Kobi, who walks slower than slow, has been seen being chased by us more than's surprising how fast they can go when they're motivated!

  5. I wish I could see all 8 of them together!!

  6. This is hilarious!!!! Please continue your adventures so we can all enjoy!