Monday, October 7, 2013

Grain Free Pumpkin Treats

Lucky Paws Bakery & Unique BARKtique in Lawrence, Kansas is one of our favorite destinations for everything dog related. The owner, Raven Rajani has a passion for rescue dogs and local art. Her store is filled with delicious home-baked treats, locally made dog collars and toys, and beautiful animal artwork. We caught up with Raven last weekend to get the scoop on how she got started:

"I have always loved dogs and have been interested in health and nutrition. In 1990, I adopted my first dog from a shelter in Wichita, Kansas, and my two loves converged.  
After reading the ingredient labels on Maggie's food, I decided to start making her food and baking treats to give her. Despite being the 'laughing stalk' of my family,  I was concerned with all the chemicals on the labels and I knew that what I would create for her would be much more nutritionally sound! Over time, I added more dogs to my pack, became involved in rescue and I kept baking! I wanted to create treats for others that they could feel good about giving their dogs. I baked treats and sold them locally at The Community Merc, and the local Farmer's Market.
I rescued Shakti, a blue pit bull girl from a shelter in Arkansas in July of 2011. Shakti became the inspiration for my baking (especially the grain-free treats), became my logo girl, and in April of 2012, I took my dream one step further and opened Lucky Paws Bakery & Unique BARKtique. My store features organic, gourmet treats baked fresh weekly (using LOCAL, sustainable ingredients), and unique, dog-themed art (provided by local artists), organic bath supplies, funky collars, leashes, tags, toys and even our own coffee blend - Lucky Paws BARKfast Blend!
Shakti is the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) and the official greeter. As a bully girl, she serves as a wonderful ambassador for her breed, and we advocate for bullies and rescue! Shakti is a TRUE working girl - Not only does she work at Lucky Paws Bakery, but she is a certified therapy dog and was the inspiration for Loving Paws Animal Therapy Program, Inc., a non-profit organization, which will train and certify volunteer teams (dogs and handlers) to serve those in need throughout Douglas County."

Lucky Paws Bakery & Unique BARKtique is located in Lawrence, Kansas at 4 East 7th and is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Raven was kind enough to share the recipe for one of her most popular fall-time treats...Grain Free Pumpkin Treats!!

Life of Drool tested the recipe this weekend...and I'd say it was a huge success!

Step 1: Whisk eggs, pumpkin and milk together.

Step 2: Add coconut flour, tapioca flour and spices (*can add flax or chia). 
Stir and continue to add flour if necessary until the dough is stiff (not sticky). 

Step 3: Use a melon ball scoop to place dough on cookie sheets or roll the dough onto wax paper and use a cookie cutter to make cute shapes.


Step 4: Bake at 300 degrees for approximately 1 hour. Cool and store in refrigerator.  

Optional Step 5

Yesterday my sister and I packaged the treats into Halloween treat baggies and set off for Dogtober Fest in Le Claire, Iowa. We were trying to raise awareness for the blog, so if we met you there please comment and let us know if your dog enjoyed the treat!


  1. That licking the spoon picture is precious! We made Duke some pumpkin treats yesterday, but they didn't look as good (or as cute) as these! Maybe we'll give this recipe a go for the next time around.

  2. What a fun blog post - loved learning more about Lucky Paws Bakery!!! What a fun and unique business. Love to all who do so much for the cause of rescue dogs everywhere!

  3. What a fun basket! I love pumpkin stuff and so does Rita! Might have to try this recipe. (Stopping by from Oz's - love your limerick!)

  4. They look tasty! And your dogs are just so cute :)

  5. AROOOOROOOOO there, Oz sent us over! Welcome to Blogville!! That recipe looks and sounds pawsome!! Love the photos
    Wallace and Samuel

  6. Pawsome! We know Raven and Lucky Paws! We don't go there all the time, but we stop by every now and then. Did you make it to the Dogtoberfest in Lawrence on Sunday?

  7. Oh I had to save this recipe, Im gonna twitter it to it looks sooo yummy! I love the picture of Harrison at the side looks like such a sweetheart!!!! <3