Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feature Friday: Tilly

Tilly has had a rough start to life, but thanks to Even Chance Rescue in St. Louis, MO, she is getting lots of love and snuggles from her foster family and getting the medical care that she so desperately needs.

Even Chance Pit Bull Advocacy + Resources + Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that works to promote pit bull education, counteract sterotypes and misinformation, and rescue pit bull type dogs from area shelters. Even Chance originated in San Diego, CA and recently opened a second chapter in St. Louis, MO.

For more information about Tilly and how to help, please see the flier below.

Please click the image to enlarge.


  1. What a tragic story. Thank goodness that she has been rescued and is on her way to a better life. I hope she gets better fast & finds the best home. She deserves it!

  2. That looks yummy! We found you from Oz' pawesome limerick! He wrote one for brofur Ku too!