Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cat vs. Dog

Dear Diary,

Day number 836 of Operation Canine Torture: 
Harrison has proven to be more difficult to break than initially anticipated. Again this morning (at approximately 0300), under the cloak of darkness, I attempted an ambush on Harrison’s sleeping head. As he snored peacefully, I leapt from the bed, scampered across the room, and landed one well-placed swat on his nose before rapidly retreating to my safety zone beneath the bed.
Although successfully executed, with the intended goal of scaring the daylights out of Harrison achieved, my human minions were not at all pleased. Mom minion scolded me and then allowed Harrison to assume my position on the bed. Subsequently, I spent the remainder of the night sleeping on the couch.
It has become apparent that these nighttime ambushes are highly frowned upon. Perhaps I will have to rethink my approach.
I will keep you posted.
Miss Kitty
(aka Guinness, aka Night Terror, aka Midnight Operative, aka Canine Torturess)


  1. Love this - those darn cats are trouble makers!

  2. MOL... Miss Kitty sounds like quite the ninja!

  3. :D Too cute. I used to have both cats and dogs, but that was years ago. We watched a friend's cat while she was out of town for a month and the cat and Maya did fine together, with the cat intimidating Maya on a regular basis. But I had to keep my dog Pierson and the cat separated. Pierson has a very high prey drive and so I know there is no way I can adopt a cat in the near future.

  4. Oh boy! What a wake up call! Guess you'll have to try a different approach Miss Kitty! I suggest keeping the humans happy!

  5. Good try, Miss Kitty, but I guess you'll have to move on to Plan B! :)