Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Hi, my name is Lennon. You and I have not met before, but my mom told me all about you. She said you are a jolly old elf and if I write a letter to you, you could make my dreams come true. So here I am…writing a letter. Actually, I can’t write so my cat sister is writing it for me (cats are very smart, you know!).
Let me start by telling you about me. I have been a really good boy this year. In fact, I have been a good boy my entire life, it’s just that nobody was around to notice. I lived chained in a backyard for a long time. Food was scarce; love, even more so. It was a good day if I found some sticks or rocks to fill my empty tummy. For a long time, I fought hard to survive, but I have to confess, I eventually lost hope. Destiny dealt me a terrible hand and I began to believe that I deserved my deplorable situation. I was going to enter and exit this life unloved and unhappy.
Then, one rainy day in August, a Christmas miracle happened. A nice man came and carried me away from that hell. It was the first human contact I’d had in months and it felt soooo nice. I closed my eyes and tried to absorb the snuggles, praying he’d never let me go. Well, he did let me go, but it was to an even better place…my foster Mom and Dad’s house! Let me tell you Santa, life here is great. I get to sleep inside on a big comfy couch and they make sure that my food bowl is never empty. They give me lots of toys and even more love and cuddles. I even have dog and cat siblings, and they are pretty great too!
The sad thing about my story is that it’s not unique. Many animals suffer worse torture than I incurred; and many of them never make it to their happy ending. I am one of the lucky ones. Because a group of strangers opened their hearts to me, I get to spend my first Christmas in a loving home. I get to awake in a warm bed on Christmas day, feast on beef tenderloin, and play with all my new squeaky toys.
So, below is my Christmas wish list. I truly hope you can help…because dogs need Santa too!
Lots of love,
My Wish List
1.         Loving families for all homeless animals  (I realize that you cannot do this all at once, but perhaps you could use your Christmas spirit to inspire just one person to open their hearts and home to a rescue dog)
2.        Toys for all shelter dogs
3.        Extra cookies for all of the rescue humans
4.        A very special rescue dog to keep you and the reindeer company (Blitzen told me to ask for that)
5.        A forever home for me  (It’s no rush, but I’d love to find my happy ending!)
Merry Christmas!!



  1. That is just so beautiful and heartwarming. I truly hope that all of Lennon's Christmas wishes come true.

  2. Absolutely love this - I have tears in my eyes.

  3. Aw such a sweet letter Lennon! I am hoping that your Christmas Wish comes true because it's such a good one.

  4. This is a beautiful list Lennon! I am so so happy that you are doing well and getting showered with food and love at your foster home! You are quite the success story!

  5. What a lovely letter. I need a tissue. I have no doubt you will get a good home Lennon. ❤

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